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The icon menu builder started as a conversation in our team about accessibility and how we could ensure our Power Apps were accessible, in particular for users that are color blind... Wouldn't it be good I thought if we could test our theme colors so they would meet the Web Content Access Guidelines 2.1 standards.

So I created the color-functions were created to calculate the contrast between 2 colors. These have now been extended to provide color blind simulation of colors as well.

At the same time we were creating more and more canvas apps and spent a lot of time searching for icons, graphics, svg images to include in the app, I had previously use some other community tools, but they were either outdated or limited in scope. So the menu builder was born.... The app is used to test complexity, size (the canvas up is 35Mb) and performance and for learning.

Version 2 Highlights

Version 2 is built on Sancho Harkers v3 branding template, after all he was kind enough to mention the Icon Menu Builder in the template.

Unified Search across all 45K+ icons, really love this feature, get a single set of results across all sets for more inspiration.

Noto Emojis have been removed as they were overly complex and I never used them, these have been replaced by Twemoji Icons so from Google to Twitter, with 3577 colorful emomjis.

Other sets removed include Iconic, Eva, and Super Tiny Icons these have been replaced by Hero Icons, Teeny_, Box, and La Capitaine__