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Getting Started

Under Construction

This site is currently being updated, please check back for updates.

Breaking changes

If you do have existing favourites and menus they are not compatible with version 2. I recommend Creating a new v2 site to host. I am working on a Flow to upgrade them for the final v2 release.

Welcome to version 2 of the Icon Menu Builder, when you first load the app and don't have any favourites saved you will see the credits screen. Home

Minimum path to awesome

  1. Download Latest Version
  2. Import
  3. Run the SharePoint Setup Flow (you will need a SharePoint Site)
  4. Play the Icon Menu Builder v2 Power App.

Home Screen

Using Gestalt design principles the screen is split into 4 areas:

  1. Main Menu
  2. Browser
  3. Selected Icon and Settings panel and
  4. Menu Builder

The main menu is a 2 level menu, links with a chevron will open to show more icons...

Main Menu

Main Browser

The main section of the page displays the main content for the selected menu item.

Selected Icon and Settings Panel

Located on the right of the screen the panel shows detailed information on a selected item from the main window.

Located as the footer of the page, the menu builder displays the added icons to a new or edited menu.