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Power Apps component framework for canvas apps

To install the Icon Menu Builder you will need an Power Platform Environment configured to allow code components.

Code Components

Install the Icon Menu Builder v2 Solution

The solution is now a single package with everything required contained.

Import Solutions

Select or create the SharePoint connection Import Solutions

Import Solutions

Select the SharePoint site URL Environment variable - Icon Menu Builder v2 SharePoint Site

Import Solutions

Import Solutions

Run the SharePoint Setup Flowdd

Open the solution and open the Icon Menu Builder - SharePoint Setup Flow

SharePoint Setup

Turn on the Flow and Run SharePoint Setup SharePoint Setup

SharePoint Setup

Once the Flow completes your SharePoint site will have the 3 supporting lists.

  • My Favourites
  • My Menus
  • My Menu Items

SharePoint Setup

Configure List Environment Variables

Configure the list environment variables by navigating to Solutions and open the Default Solution

Configure List Environment Variables Select the lists that were just created for the 3 lists. Configure List Environment Variables Configure List Environment Variables

Run the Canvas App

Navigate to Apps right click on the Icon Menu Builder app and select details, copy the app url to a new browser tab and add &hideNavBar=true, once opened in Edge I recommend you save it as an app and pin it to your taskbar.

Open App

Congratulations you have installed the Icon Menu Builder, I hope you find it useful.

Home Screen

!!! warning "Known Issue" If the menu doesn't appear when first loading, click on the Home Icon or the Refresh Icon