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· One min read

Happy to say V2 is now released, please view the updated installation guide here..

Icon Menu Builder V2


  • Over 45K included Icons
  • Save Favourite Icons
  • Copy PowerFx SVG (URL Encoded and Decoded) and Menu Collection code
  • Download Icons
  • Upload Icons
  • Create and Save Icon Menus
  • WCAG 2.1 Color Contrast Checker

Hope you find it useful!


· One min read

Second release candidate delivered as a single solution file, also the file size seems to have shrunk by 10MB...Cool..

Import the managed solution, if you don't have the SharePoint Libraries installed use the Flow to create them, then import the solution.

Play the app....

You can view the installation guide here.

· One min read

Welcome to the new Version 2 documentation site, its still in development and will be updated regulary.

Hope you find it useful.